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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires expertise, commitment, and a proper strategy for your business.  When SEO is delivered correctly, it is a powerful way of generating new business leads.

If you want to rank at the top of Google, we are dedicated to getting the best results for your business. Starting with a website audit and clear SEO strategy, we ensure your website is fine-tuned and ready for your journey to the top.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Strategy is Aqueous Digital’s core specialism and the reason why we have recently won five prestigious awards, including the Best Small Integrated Search Agency at the UK Search Awards, Best Small Integrated Search Agency at the European Search Awards 2021 and Best Small Integrated Search Agency at the Global Search Award 2021.

We work with customers on a regional, national and international level and have a proven track record of helping them deliver results year after year. Our customer, ITP packaging recently doubled turnover from the previous year within five months of working with us, so much so that they had to move to bigger premises to deal with the increased demand.

Our reputation as a search agency rests firmly on our ability to deliver results for our customers with organic search and content strategy, and that’s why many of customers have been with us for three years or more.

We are confident that we can support you become much more prominent online within your field and establishing a strong online presence with organic search, driving your target audiences to your website and cutting through the noise of your competitors.

The strength in our work is the ability to plan out where your business needs to go and provide the correct foundations to build towards that goal. Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term strategy, but one which when delivered correctly will give you a sustainable strategic advantage over your competitors.

Our Search team specialise in identifying which elements of your website are currently holding you back and helping to make the changes that allow your site to really perform.

We provide all our SEO Services in-house and only outsource copywriting—this allows us to use the very best professional writers available.

Watch this short video with our Managing Director Jonathan talking about his 3 rules of Google and its relevance to SEO.

Why choose our SEO services?

  • Search experts
  • Be found first
  • Drive sales
  • Family business
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase visibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Award-winning
  • Trustworthy
  • Well-established
  • No technical jargon
  • Ethical

What is SEO?

It’s probably best to start with what SEO is NOT:

  • The only thing you need to do to get your website to work well
  • A replacement for good solid professional marketing
  • A tick box exercise, as Google changes daily
  • A ‘quick’ process to get your website on the ‘front page’ for an indeterminate number of phrases/keywords
  • A panacea for all that ails your website
  • A dark art with smoke and mirrors

So what actually is SEO?

  • An essential component within a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • A professional service to help deliver long term Marketing and business goals and strategies
  • A long-term process that delivers consistent benefits and sales leads to your business
  • About understanding and recognising the changes made by the search engines and adjusting your website accordingly
  • An ongoing process to help identify how best to optimise your website so that the Search Engines can crawl and index your website properly
  • Just one part of the overall marketing jigsaw


Dispelling the myths of SEO

There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding SEO so let’s help clarify some of the confusion.

Often, we are approached by firms who have, aspirations, including ‘being number one’, ‘beating my competitors’ and ‘making my website appear whenever people are looking for what we do’ and most importantly, wanting to achieve all of this this within a few weeks. Whilst these are common goals across most businesses, they are not specific or measurable and the timescales are in many cases unrealistic.

We prefer to work on clearly defined metrics, so getting to number one is a great aspiration, but for which keywords?

Bearing in mind that the singular and plurals of a word could be two different targets, it often becomes apparent that a firm needs to target a wider range of keywords than they first thought.

It is possible to get to ‘number one’ for a keyword within a few weeks, but if it is a particularly competitive keyword then the only way to do this is to cheat the Search engines.

Some firms find this an acceptable solution but as the Search Engines always catch up with this and penalise the site, it is short sighted and ineffective strategy and not one we pursue.

Google has, and continues to, change the way in which searches are presented which means that SEO is not a ‘tick box’ exercise; it is a moveable feast and aspirations to be ‘front page’ on an undefined and unquantified number of terms in a very short timescale is unrealistic and generally leads to disappointment.

Furthermore, as every keyword has different competitors then it is perfectly possible to be successful with some and not others. The exception does not prove the rule; the lack of top search results on certain terms does not prove ‘it isn’t working’ merely that it requires either a different, longer term or more innovative approach.

Finally, organic search positions are important but not the only measure of success. They should be considered as part of a holistic approach and one of, a number, of measures by which the business can measure success.

After all, wouldn’t customers converted be a better metric?


What drives website traffic?

SEO driven traffic is free, but it takes time to get to the top. It also helps to generate respect and trust for your brand. 75% of users click on one of the first three naturally occurring search result. That means they may well scroll right past a paid advert and choose one of the SEO-optimised websites at the top of the results. In fact, over 90% don’t even bother to venture past page one of Google results.

Organic traffic is targeted but built on a foundation of relevant content you publish on your website. For example, many people search for answers to specific problems – and usually expect an immediate answer. Google responded to this by developing a ‘Q&A’ facility as part of its search results. You’ll have seen it in action.

Let’s assume, for example, you run a plumbing business, and someone asks: “How do I change a dripping tap?” If you have a relevant blog post, or web page, that answers the question, then a section of text would appear in Google’s results.

This represents a great opportunity to create appropriate content for your website. Your answer to the dripping tap question might contain information on how someone might fix it themselves, but ultimately conclude that the complexities of modern taps mean that it’s best to get professional help, with a call for action to contact you.

As the amount of tailored, targeted content on your website grows, the number of questions you answer increases, and the chances of different search terms returning are enhanced too.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is like so much digital stuff. Many don’t like to admit they don’t really understand how it works, or what it does.

Unfortunately, this provides an opportunity for others to convince you, with jargon and buzzwords, that their magic solution is what you need. The truth is, there are no magic solutions. If SEO is done well, it can be a powerful way of generating new business leads, but it requires expertise, commitment, and a proper strategy. Getting on to the hallowed page one of Google for your search term is entirely possible, and the place to be to increase your customer base.


Our approach to SEO

The very best SEO firms are those that understand how a business works; its goals, critical success factors and aspirations and most importantly what strategic and tactical approaches will work best within their, particular, marketplace.

At Aqueous we are grounded in Business and Marketing strategy and as such our work focuses on delivering the long terms goals of the business, not just building a few links to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation is a proven long-term strategy which delivers measurable business results for firms of all sizes. The question is, ‘why don’t more firms do it’?

The answer is that a lot of firms have tried it and found that it didn’t work and from that a perception has been formed that SEO simply doesn’t work for their business, or their industry. Often, they’ve used the people who built the website who see it as a way of extending the revenue from the build, or someone who’s knocked on the door and promised wealth untold from a ‘bit of SEO’.

This approach simply doesn’t work.

Well, we were formed through a combination of a deep understanding of business strategy and years of experience at coding, designing, building and optimising websites and that makes us unique we believe. Although we started as a specialist SEO firm we repair mistakes made by developers and understand what it takes to get the on page and on-site experience right before we look at the off site elements.

We believe in a long-term partnership approach as this is mutually beneficial and we like to keep in touch on a regular basis. Each week we try to keep in touch with all our contract clients, usually just a quick email of what we have been doing and any good news and what we are planning to do, and each month we send out a ‘Monthly Report’ which measures progress against our agreed objectives.

On top, of all this, we are ‘white hat’ in our approach to SEO so we never do anything that could compromise your site and if you want to talk to us at any time we’re available on phone and email, even outside of office hours if required. We understand that we’re only successful when you are successful, so we are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to make sure that this happens.

Want to find out more?

We offer a range of comprehensive SEO packages that combine website content production, technical SEO, link building and outreach.

Please email hello@aqueous-digital.co.uk or call 0800 285 1424 for a friendly chat with our specialist team and find how we can support the success of your business with our award-winning search engine optimisation.

Aqueous Digital…because search never sleeps.



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