Baby steps to giant leaps in SEO success and sales

Increase of 175% in website traffic in 2020 and ranking at number one for over 20 search terms on Google.

ScratchSleeves make innovative clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers and young children that are an appealing alternative to traditional scratch mitts. Their products prevent children suffering sleepless nights, due to eczema, chicken pox, measles or other itchy skin conditions.

Their range of products can also help with hair pulling, thumb-sucking, post-operative healing and protecting feeding tubes.

The challenge

When you have a great product and a great story to tell, simple SEO is probably not the answer.

We first met the team at Scratchsleeves over 8 years ago when they were setting up and we talked about the benefits of how good SEO can help build a website. A year later we were engaged to work with them and have done so ever since. Key to this relationship was how we helped them tell their story.

The aim of all good Marketing is to drive a return on investment. So, when we were approached by this customer the aim was simple

“Help us drive organic sales from our e-commerce website.”

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  • “We are delighted with the performance of our website, especially the conversion of new traffic to direct sales.

    On a day-to-day basis, the freedom of knowing that Aqueous Digital are looking after everything SEO, means that we are able to focus on building the business in other ways, often based on their suggestions”


Our answer

Our strategy was simple;

  1. Agree a Digital Marketing strategy that would target the correct audience
  2. Create a content strategy to deliver the message
  3. Optimise the website to ensure visitors delivered sales

At the outset, we stressed two things to them.

Firstly, that SEO and Digital Marketing is not an overnight fix.

Secondly, that the strategy we would use was perfectly in line with Google’s advice to Webmasters and we were not going to follow the crowd and simply buy links.

Back in 2013 Google was busy releasing Panda and Penguin updates penalising lack of content and poor linking practices respectively. We took the view, thankfully supported by our customer, that it would be better to create something that would engage real users.

After all, Google doesn’t buy products, people do.

Over the next twelve months, we focused on creating great content which would resonate with people who needed their products.

At the end of year one, we had achieved a 28% increase in organic traffic.

But as we were working closely together we both knew that the real benefit was yet to come.

We knew that the content we had created was gaining traction. It was being shared on social media and being naturally linked to by people who found that their products were the perfect solution.We could see the rise in organic traffic month on month and we knew there was more to come.

Over the next year, we continued to grow their content base and the traffic grew as well. By the end of the second year we had recorded a massive 138% growth in weekly organic traffic and by the end of year three, it was up another 58%.

By February 2016 they shipped more orders in a month than they did in their entire first year of trading and they have continued growing ever since.

This customer now serves not only the UK market but also exports to the USA and Canada, Ireland, Germany, France and most of the rest of Europe as well as Australia. This global business is built on a solid platform of evergreen content which continues to deliver customers week in week out.

Overall results

In the first five years of working with Scratchsleeves we helped them increase website traffic by 390%, and generate £250k in sales.

Over the last year, we have helped them increase web traffic by a further 148% (Feb 2020- Feb 2021).

They are currently ranking on Google in positions 1-3 for 283 keywords. Over the past year the number of organic keywords ranking in organic search results doubled from 7,759 to 17,145.  This has led to a significant increase in sales and expansion of their global reach.

The campaign was nominated as a finalist in the Global Search Awards 2021 and won the Global Excellence Awards 2021 for best low budget campaign.

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  • 390%

    increase in website traffic

  • £250k

    generated in sales income

  • 148%

    increase in traffic in 2020

  • 283

    keywords in Google position 1-3